While we love talking about wine at The Dundee, there’s something we love discussing even more, and that’s our incredible staff. For today’s spotlight we’re introducing you to the impeccable, personable, and kind-hearted Brianna, a housekeeper and front desk agent at The Dundee. Brianna has a gift of making people feel at home, even when they’re far away from it.

Born and raised only twenty minutes away in Sheridan, Oregon, she is ready to recommend all of the best spots to see and things to do, highlighting the perfect ways to spend your time in wine country. She has a good instinct for places too, which is why the very first winery she ever visited remains her favorite to this day: Domaine Divio, where the tastings are held on the vineyard so you sip with an unparalleled view. But you can’t go wrong with any of the views in the Willamette Valley. In fact, Brianna told us that if there was one thing she wished more people knew about Oregon wine country, it would be just how beautiful it is here, especially once you’re out of the city. Miles and miles of rolling hills covered in deep green Douglas Firs is a view everyone should experience.

Brianna is an Oregonian through and through, having grown up on a goat farm with 40+ goats, chickens, 6 dogs, 2 cats, and a guard llama. So it’s probably no surprise that she adores animals, and her favorite aspect of working at The Dundee is its dog-friendly policy. Checking in guests via the VIP package (Very Important Pup) is often the highlight of her day. With that said, Brianna also loves to travel. She’s already been to Japan (fun fact: she speaks Japanese!) and she can’t wait to visit more places in the US like Alaska and New York. But if she could have any super power she’d pick teleportation, that way she could get the thrill of experiencing new places without the stress of planning the route or buying gas.

Brianna’s motto in life is “don’t give up.” And while she admits it might be a common motto, it’s important to remember and has helped her stay persistent with whatever tasks are at hand. At work, she loves spending time with her goofy co-workers who all share a strong camaraderie, and at home, she enjoys painting, drawing, and making candles, fitting in perfectly with the arts loving PNW atmosphere. Brianna can light up any room with her kind spirit, and she loves to connect with the guests, so make sure you say hello if you see her during your next stay with us. Perhaps you’ll even ask her about something from the spotlight (guard llama anyone??). She can’t wait to meet you!