With three job titles, it comes as no shock that Clare has learned to use her time well. From day to day, she ensures that guests are checked in and out with ease, and that housekeeping is consistently set up for success. Simultaneously, Clare is ready to jump in at any moment and help with whatever is needed. During her “down time,” she switches over to her roles as Concierge and Package Specialist, reaching out to guests who may want to book a package, or contacting wineries to make reservations. But Clare wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love so much about my job,” Clare says. “I love that I can help provide our guests with an amazing experience, whether that’s through setting up packages, creating itineraries, or just ensuring people have a great time.” The challenge, however, comes with a job that changes from moment to moment. “Being adaptable and thinking quick on your feet is important,” Clare says. “No two days are the same.” Yet Clare is the first to admit that the entire staff works together on this. “My co-workers are amazing, […] Jenna [for example] is always there to make a plan when something goes wrong.” A fact, which, in turn, has taught Clare to do the same.

But what does Clare think about the hotel? Would she recommend it to her friends and family? “Absolutely!” Clare says. “I’m always raving about it to them. Most of the time my friends will stay with me, but if anyone wants a hotel, this is the first place I will always recommend. There are just so many great things about The Dundee!Like what? You might now be wondering. Well, Clare doesn’t hesitate to elaborate. “I love so much about the hotel, from the fact that it’s dog friendly to my amazing co-workers, but my favorite aspect is how each and every room is different. […] I especially love the squad room,” Clare adds. “It’s really fun, and the hotel is always making changes and updates to it.”

It’s common knowledge that no one knows an area better than the locals do, so how would Clare spend her time if she was gifted a weekend stay at the hotel? Clare says, “I would check out more of wine country! I haven’t tried the onsite tasting rooms yet, and I’d further enjoy the downtown strip. Also! My husband and I love to do date night at Wooden Heart (the restaurant in the hotel). They are so good and it’s always a fun experience, so I’d add that as well!”

Speaking of wine country, we always have to ask about each staff member’s favorite winery, and Clare had three names ready to go. 1) Furioso Vineyards: it’s beautiful, it’s so close to the hotel, and they have a glass wall tasting room among the vines. It’s just absolutely stunning. 2) Saffron Fields: they have an outdoor patio with a large koi pond, and in the summer they provide yard games, and of course the tasting is delicious as well. And 3) Abbott Claim: their barrel tasting room is in a cave and their tables are lit by candlelight. They also have little food pairings with each of their tastings. Jenna and I went and tried caviar for the first time! What a unique and just very cool experience.”

Clare is originally from Oshkosh Wisconsin, but she and her husband have called Newberg home for more than four years now. One of her life philosophies is simply to be a good person and treat people well. A challenge Clare has faced in her life is that at age 19, she was in an accident and lost the use of her right arm. Yet overcoming that, getting a degree (the first in her family!) and building her career has been her proudest success story. Being a part of a hardworking team motivates Clare, which is only part of why The Dundee is a dream job.

When Clare’s not working, she loves to travel. She hopes to get to Tanzania one day, go on Safari, visit Mt. Kilimanjaro, and explore the beautiful beaches. “I love submersing myself in different cultures,” Clare says, “and seeing how there are so many different ways to live.” In addition to her love of travel, one cause that’s near and dear to Clare’s heart is animals. “I’m a huge animal lover,” Clare says. “My husband and I have adopted 3 cats, and when I lived in TN I did a lot of volunteering at the animal shelter. Helping animals in need has always been important to me.” It’s no wonder then that the dogs frequenting The Dundee Hotel only makes her job more special. But just because she has her dream job, doesn’t mean she lacks other goals. “I’d really love to learn Spanish one day,” she says. “I took it in high school and college, and my best friend is from Venezuela, so I feel like it comes and goes in my life, but it’s never really stuck. One day though, I’d really like to be able to claim it as a second language.” Most of all though, Clare’s dream is to one day see the Packers play in the Super Bowl. “I can’t get them there,” Clare says. “That’s up to them. But if they achieve it, I’ll be there to see them play.”

Clare is grateful for a lot in this life, but above all she’s thankful for her friends and family. “My grandfather is my role model,” Clare says. “He is 93 years old and has always played a huge role in my life. He’s the ultimate supporter. […] And with my husband and friends, I have such a great support group. Just really amazing people in my life.”

To know Clare is to love Clare, so come on down to The Dundee Hotel and say hello to her yourself! There’s no better time than now to book a room and explore what makes The Dundee so special.