Artists & Makers

Dayna Collins

Oregon artist Dayna Collins is an abstract painter who works intuitively, laying down paint in bold swaths of color, then goes back in and refines the composition, finding the story buried in the paint. She wants the viewer to wonder about its previous life, to feel like they’re on an archeological dig, getting a glimpse beneath the surface, but never the full story.

Christina Romeo

Christina Romeo works as a mixed media abstract artist in Oregon and shows in galleries throughout the U.S. Her work consists mostly of the connection between feeling, texture, line, and color. She communicates with the viewer using an abstract collection of marks, lines, and form. Often the small amount of chaos in the texture of a found piece of paper or tiny pencil mark in the right placement will capture this energy.

Sonoma Millworks

Sonoma Millworks, located in Healdsburg, CA, transforms raw wood from old wineries and buildings in the U.S. into beautiful décor and furniture. The Dundee worked with the Sonoma Millworks team to craft the artisan headboards found in each room. Made from reclaimed oak staves used during wine production, each headboard is a celebration of authenticity and distinctive character. The company practices a thoughtful and responsible approach to reclaiming nearly 100 percent of what they bring in.