Get to know the incredible staff at The Dundee Hotel.

Today’s spotlight: Melanie Chapman, our Front Desk Lead! Melanie’s favorite part of working at the hotel is the amazing, close-knit staff. She loves how everyone encourages a family-feel at work, both with each other and the guests. Melanie also makes sure to take advantage of all the wine tasting in the area. (I mean, why wouldn’t you?) She enjoys cooking and traveling (especially her two-week trip to Germany, where she was able to eat lots of local food) and a fun fact about her is that she has a freckle pattern on her arm in the shape of the big dipper!

Melanie’s personal motto in these uncertain times is, “Take life one day at a time.” It’s easy to feel powerless when we’re not in control, and right now it’s hard to look far ahead. So wake up, take in the world around you, and do what you can, one day at a time.

And what better way is there to seize the day than coming to visit us at The Dundee Hotel? Make sure to say hello to Melanie at some point during your stay!