Dundee Hotel (DH): What is your position at The Dundee and what about it brings you the most joy?

Taylor (T): I’m a housekeeper at the Dundee and I love the atmosphere I work in.

DH: What is a fun fact about you that you’d like to share with others? And/or, what is something most people don’t know about you?

T: Fun fact about me is I love nature and scary movies, but books are my favorite. I have a niece who’s almost seven and a nephew who is almost two and I adore them both. My two cousins are also my best friends. I love animals, tattoos and listening to music.

DH: What’s your favorite part of The Dundee? (It can be about working there, or an actual physical space, for example a window with a pretty view. Or it might be that it’s a dog friendly hotel so you get to see lots of cute pups, etc.)

T: I love that we are a pet friendly hotel and are in an amazing area. It’s got beautiful views and I love that all of the rooms are different. It gives the guests something to look forward to when they come back if they stay in a different room each time.

DH: Do you have a favorite activity in the area?

T: A few favorite activities in the area are going up in the mountains, (the view up there is amazing) going to Trellis (it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Dundee) and also I just love the history of Yamhill Valley.

DH: Do you have a personal motto, mantra, or philosophy?

T: Always be you. Don’t be like everyone else because that would be boring.

DH: What would you say is one of your life highlights?

T: One of my biggest highlights in life would be my life right now. I’ve been moving forward in a good direction and nothing will stop me.

DH: What’s something you like to do in your spare time?

T: In my spare time I love to do everything outdoors when the weather is nice such as going to the river, camping, hiking and going to the beach.

DH: Where is your hometown? And what is your dream vacation?

T: My hometowns are both Dundee and Wilsonville, I grew up in both areas. And my dream vacation is to go to Iceland and hit up some of the amazing hot springs and trails I have heard so much about exploring the beauty of Iceland.

DH: Do you have a favorite winery? (Could be for the wines, views, people, etc.)

T: I’d say I really like Remy because they have some amazing red wines and I’m picky about red wine, and also Lange winery; the view up there is beautiful.

DH: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

T: If I could have any superpower I’d say I would want to fly because come on who doesn’t want to fly?


Be sure to say hi to Taylor when you stay at The Dundee!

Taylor pays great attention to detail in all the rooms she tends to!

Taylor putting the finishing touches on getting the squad room ready for the next crew!